Tiny package gives denser placement of relays in space-critical applications

12-01-2022 | Toshiba | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH offers three new 4-Form-A voltage-driven photo relays with one of the smallest mounting areas available.

The new devices are ideal for a wide range of applications, including measuring instruments such as oscilloscopes and data loggers and burn-in equipment. They are also appropriate for usage in semiconductor test equipment (probe cards and test heads for memories, SoC and LSI) where there is a demand to mount multiple relays on circuit boards with space constraints.

The new products denoted TLP3407SRA4, TLP3412SRHA4 and TLP3475SRHA4 are its first-ever four-circuit, 4-Form-A relays. They are housed in a tiny, newly developed S-VSON16T package measuring only 2mm x 6.25mm x 1.3mm and needing a PCB mounting area of just 12.5mm2. The area is approximately 14% smaller than the mounting area of four 1-channel relays.

The new products can be voltage-driven without external resistors in 3.3V or 5V systems by including input resistors. These further decreases space demands on circuit boards, permitting more photo relays to be mounted.

All devices are provided in normally open (1-Form-A / NO) configuration with an off-state voltage of 60V and deliver 300Vrms (min.) of isolation. The TLP3412SRHA4 and TLP3475SRHA4 deliver an ON-state current of 250mA with a typical ON-state resistance of just 1Ohm while the corresponding figures for the TLP3407SRA4 are 600mA and 0.2Ohm.

With typical turn-on and turn-off times of just 220µs (tON) and 50µs (tOFF), the TLP3412SRHA4 and TLP3475SRHA4 are ideal for use in high-speed testers and other similar applications.

The operating temperature (Topr) range for all devices is -40C to +125C, enabling use in high-temperature applications while ensuring thermal design margins are readily met or exceeded.

By Natasha Shek