Thermal camera videoscope family adds two kits and probe attachments

19-01-2022 | Teledyne FLIR | Test & Measurement

Teledyne FLIR has introduced two new additions to its VS290 Thermal Videoscope Kit family of devices – the VS290-33 Thermal MSX Videoscope Kit and the VS29-21 Thermal Videoscope Kit. The VS290-33 provides a rounded, dual thermal-visible probe for extra flexibility in conducting underground utility-vault inspection and other high-voltage scenarios that need a CAT IV rating. The VS290-21 offers thermal-only building, mechanical, and electrical inspection abilities for hard-to-reach areas from crawlspaces to inside motors for construction and maintenance professionals.

Together with the new VS290 Videoscope Kits, Teledyne FLIR offers the probe attachments as accessories for current VS290 customers who already have the VS290 kit with the original VSC-IR32 probe with a rectangular tip.

The rounded VSC-IR33 dual thermal-visible probe is only 19mm in diameter, meaning it can fit inside tight spaces and holes with no sacrifice to side-viewing capabilities. The probe houses both a 160 x 120 thermal camera and a 2MP visible camera, together with a bright LED work light, to give MSX imagery in light and dark spaces. Its proprietary MSX (Multispectral Dynamic Imaging) on-camera software takes vital details from the visible image and embosses them on the thermal image, giving perspective and crucial contextual clues to assist users evaluate potential issues accurately and safely.

The VSC-IR21 probe provides similar specifications in a thermal-only package that is slim enough to access hard-to-reach spaces and discover potential problems faster than ever before. It provides the exact 160 x 120 resolution as the VSC-IR32/33, but in a forward-facing camera designed to assist users to view inside walls, within machinery, and in other tight spaces.

The kits are compatible with FLIR Thermal Studio Suite software for quick report generation together with post-processing and analysis. The software allows operators to document and share issues and comprises before-and-after imagery to demonstrate that the problem has been resolved. In total, users can capture up to 80,000 radiometric JPEG images via the onboard 16GB internal storage and then upload them to a PC via a USB-C cable.

By Natasha Shek