Range of modular connector enclosures for rugged electronic control modules

07-01-2022 | Powell Electronics | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Powell Electronics offer ModICE modular connector enclosures with SHS harness connectors from Cinch Connectivity Solutions. The range of connector enclosures gives sealed packaging solutions for rugged electronic control modules.

The Cinch 1.5mm SHS system is employed as the base interconnect technology for ModICE connector enclosures. A comprehensive line of sealed rugged I/O connectors, the series devices have been created to function on electronic control modules that operate in harsh environmental conditions typically found on commercial and off-road vehicles and industrial equipment.

The connector enclosures are offered in three distinct sizes (ME, SE, LE) and with four different header configurations: 18, 30, 48 and 60 I/O. Resistant to the majority of industrial fluids, the products are sealed to IP67 and IP69K and remain sealed even when the harness connectors are not mated.

Additional technical details include a current capacity of 10A at 85C, contact resistance of <10mOhm, insulation resistance of >1000MOhm and an operating temperature range of -40C up to +125C. ME headers with integrated RF ports, headers with integrated ferrite filtering, and blank headers are offered, as are enclosures with integrated heat sink and vented enclosures (breather vent).

By Natasha Shek