C++20 supported with new tests and line-number accurate diagnostic reporting

17-01-2022 | Solid State | Test & Measurement

Solid Sands now offers Update #3 to its SuperTest Vermeer Release. This update supports the widespread adoption of the C++ programming language in safety-critical applications with comprehensive C++20 language coverage. The release comprises over 800 tests intended to verify the correct implementation of C++ language constructs. It also incorporates 1700 new tests for C++ library functions to make sure they work as planned in all use cases.

The ability of C++ to satisfy the security, functional safety, and behavioural necessities of ISO 26262 has extended the adoption of C++ in the automotive industry. Many of the latest image processing, signal processing, and machine learning algorithms used in ADAS are now written in C++. With SuperTest now completely supporting the test and validation of C++20 compilers, developers can keep up-to-date on the latest developments in C++ programming.

"Vehicle manufacturers are moving from single-core embedded processors to high-performance multi-core processor solutions, for which C++ has a distinct advantage over C in terms of structuring large software projects. As a result, the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform now includes programming guidelines for C++," said Marcel Beemster, chief technology officer at Solid Sands. "By upgrading to SuperTest Vermeer Release Update #3, developers who want to make use of the latest features in C++, can now verify that their compiler implements them correctly."

For diagnostic tests that are specially designed to produce a compiler error, SuperTest's C++ support includes line-number accurate error reporting so that developers are able to identify the precise language construct that produces the error.

This update makes it more straightforward to manage numerous installs of different versions in the same Windows operating system environment, permitting users to run SuperTest and SuperGuard (Solid Sands' C Library Safety Qualification Suite), or multiple SuperTest versions, on the same machine.

By Natasha Shek