New high-frequency OCXO for satellite, radar and GHz systems

17-12-2021 | RFX | Passives

The new RFX OS936M-10 high stability OCXO offers frequencies up to 500MHz while still providing low harmonics, remarkably low ageing and outstanding Allan Deviation performance. Created around an in-house manufactured precision SC cut crystal, frequency stability is ±5ppb across a wide -40C to 65C operating temperature range.

Harmonics in electronic circuits may cause disturbances in communication networks; the device limits the harmonics to -35dBc and the sub-harmonics to -40dBc. Short term ageing is ±0.1ppb maximum per day while long-term ageing is ±80ppb maximum per year, both measures after 30 days continuous operation. Also, the new model provides excellent phase noise performance for a multiplied frequency design at -150dBc/Hz @ 100kHz. The device has a one-second Allan Deviation of approximately 1.5 x 10-10 for a 400MHz output delivering a highly stable frequency source.

Both standard and custom frequencies may be manufactured from 150MHz up to 500MHz. Sine wave output compatibility is combined with a selection of supply voltages at 3.3VDC, 5VDC, or 12VDC. The new model is Stratum 3E compliant; long term and 24-hour holdover to Stratum 3E levels specified in GR-1244-CORE issue 2 and GR-63-CORE issue 1.

Contained in a 36mm x 26.5mm hermetically sealed package with a height of just 10mm, the device is fully RoHS compliant and meets vibration, mechanical and thermal shock to MIL standard 202F.

Typical applications for GHz systems include satellite links, radar and high-frequency local oscillators (typical in up and down converters at the first stage).

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