Single pair Ethernet solutions site offers new products for robust connectivity

24-11-2021 | Mouser Electronics | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Mouser now offers a new solutions page targeting single pair Ethernet (SPE) technology, together with Analog Devices, Würth Elektronik and HARTING.

The increase of smart factories and the IIoT has pointed to the demand for robust connectivity on the factory floor. Ethernet is the principal architecture for large-scale industrial connectivity, working as the primary means of connecting automated systems to the network. SPE technology produces high-performance data and power transmission via a single-wire pair to field-level actuator devices and sensors. The new solutions page provides valuable content, comprising a technical article, video, and webinar that give insights on achieving Ethernet connectivity to the edge. The site also affords convenient product information for 10BASE-T1L SPE solutions from the companies.

The new Industrial Ethernet solutions from Analog Devices are offered in two flexible options: ADIN1110 MAC PHY and ADIN1100 PHY. The ADIN1110 MAC PHY facilitates the industry’s lowest power systems, simplifying retrofitting for Ethernet in field sensors or actuators and enabling interfacing via SPI interface to any microprocessor. The ADIN1100 is a robust, low-power Ethernet PHY compliant with the IEEE 802.3cg Ethernet standard for 10Mbps connectivity over 1.7km of single twisted pair cable. The ADIN1100 PHY offers standard Ethernet interfaces and supports usage in more complex designs, making it a solid option for process control, factory automation, and building automation applications.

Würth Elektronik SPE magnetics link exceptional high signal performance, safety isolation and ESD protection in a compact size. Compared to standard Ethernet magnetics, SPE products from the company can save up to 75% of PCB space. The very compact signal transformer allows industrial safety isolation of 2250V/60s in accordance with the IEC 62368-1 standard.

HARTING T1 industrial SPE products provide a highly optimised high-frequency design and effective mechanical robustness, making them an excellent selection for industrial applications, including robotics, machinery, transportation, and agricultural equipment. Its industrial SPE products provide barrier-free connections by utilising end-to-end IP-based communications up to the field level.

By Natasha Shek