New generation of digital force gauges now available

29-11-2021 | Chatillon | Test & Measurement

Chatillon has launched a new generation of digital force gauges: The DF3 Series. The new series has a unique, ergonomic design that assures a stable grip, providing a large, easy-to-read full-colour screen display with clear readings and icons for simple navigation. A rugged rubber keypad offers a single touch operation corresponding to displayed options on the screen and leads its user throughout operation. The intuitive user interface, coupled with many advanced features, makes the series ideal force gauges for users wanting an easy-to-use force gauge that will assist them in optimising their processes and saving time.

Some of the options that help users become more efficient in their force testing include the test setup functionality, where they may pre-define test setups, auto-save test results, and automatically export these for further analysis. A long battery life of up to 40 hours increases the handheld longevity and reduces the necessity for recharging.

Furthermore, the series force gauges support a mixture of standard gauge functions, comprising normal and peak readings, break detection, load averaging, high/low limits, setpoints, statistical results, pass/fail results, load cell actuation, and direction.

The new series provides two models available in several capacities and with a sampling rate of 30kHz. With the new gauges, the company also launches an upgrade of its force measurement software, ForceTest 3.0. The software interfaces direct to the force gauges to allow automatic testing and recording test graphs and data utilising a personal computer. The new, updated version of ForceTest provides an enhanced interface, filtering options, a robust raw data collection and presentation, and a complete library of test result options. The software is included with the force gauges or can be purchased separately as well.

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