Hybrid protectors provides reduced downtime and service cost

12-11-2021 | TTI Europe | Passives

As the most significant advancement in MOV technology in decades, Bourns IsoMOV hybrid protectors fully integrate GDT and MOV functionality into a revolutionary, space-saving design. These devices are available now from TTI Europe.

This single-package solution offers a symbiotic relationship where the GDT blocks leakage currents via the MOV that would otherwise lead to the early failure of the MOV device. At the same time, the MOV functionality stops follow-on current after a surge that could damage the GDT.

The devices offer enhanced reliability over a long life. They provide increased voltage protection and are ng wave tolerant. AC voltage ratings range from 175V to 555V, with normal surge ratings of 3kA, 5kA and 8kA. The devices are UL 1449 Type 4 CA listed.

Typical use areas include critical AC power applications, white goods, motor drives, AC inverters, LED lighting and signage, and SPDs.

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