Wireless accelerometer for proof of concept

13-10-2021 | RS Components | Test & Measurement

The TE Connectivity model 8911 wireless accelerometer for POC, available now from RS Components, combines a sensor, digital signal processor, data collector, and radio into one compact, battery-operated device that measures vibration and temperature data.

The wireless accelerometer employs the LoRaWAN communication protocol, allowing a simple, reliable and secure means of expanding condition-based maintenance into plant areas where the cost to install wired systems is limiting, making data available to existing process control and information systems.

The device includes a piezo-electric accelerometer which provides a wide bandwidth to >10kHz, excellent measurement resolution and higher long-term stability compared to designs utilising MEMS solutions.

It contains digital signal processing that offers an FFT analysis of the vibration being sensed. The output data describes the centre frequency, peak value, bandwidth, and per cent of the whole spectral content for the eight most notable acceleration peaks in the vibration signal.

Because of this feature, the device directly gives the data most required to plot trends and monitor changes in the performance and condition of factory machinery.