Sensor breaks the size barrier in CO2 sensing

01-10-2021 | RS Components | Test & Measurement

The SCD4x is Sensirion’s next-generation miniature CO2 sensor. This sensor, available now from RS Components, builds on the photoacoustic sensing principle and the company's patented PAsens and CMOSens technology to provide high accuracy at an excellent price and smallest form factor. SMD assembly enables cost- and space-effective integration of the sensor coupled with maximal freedom of design. On-chip signal compensation is realised with the built-in SHT4x humidity and temperature sensor.

CO2 is a principal indicator for indoor air quality as high levels compromise humans’ cognitive performance and well-being. The device facilitates smart ventilation systems to regulate ventilation in the most energy-efficient and human-friendly way. Furthermore, indoor air quality monitors and other connected devices based on the device can assist in maintaining low CO2 concentration for a healthy, productive environment.

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