Added support for MCUs to 'universal' software development kit

19-10-2021 | Mikroelektronika | Semiconductors

MikroElektronika has stated that its multi-architectural software development kit, mikroSDK 2.0, now supports 147 MCUs from NXP. mikroSDK is a compilation of open-source software libraries with unified API and software development tools, making application code portable and reusable on multiple different platforms and architectures, with practically no code changes.

The addition of NXP's Kinetis family takes the amount of MCUs supported by mikroSDK 2.0 to over 1500, extending from small 8bit to 32bit devices. Other important product families covered include PIC and PIC32 from Microchip and the 849-strong STM32 family by STMicroelectronics.

Comments Nebojsa Matic, CEO at MikroElektronika: “It doesn't matter if you are currently evaluating PIC, falling in love with ARM, or just interested in a new architecture on the market. mikroSDK means that the application code will run on the architecture of your choice. Choose any supported host board, and there is no need to change a single line of code."

The solution is a complete, cross-platform software development kit for embedded applications offering everything needed to start developing and prototyping, including Click board applications and GUIs for embedded devices. Rapid software development is quickly achieved as developers do not require to consider low-level code, freeing them up to concentrate on the application code itself. This suggests that changing the MCU or even the whole platform will not need developers to redevelop their code for the new MCU or platform. They can simply switch to the desired platform, apply the correct board definition file, and the application code will continue to run after a single compiling.

By Natasha Shek