Ultra-low-power ultrasonic flow meter for industrial and residential applications

02-09-2021 | Mouser Electronics | Test & Measurement

Mouser is now stock the AS6040 ultrasonic flow meter from ScioSense. The ultra-low-power meter is intended for industrial and residential gas meters and is ideal for water meters.

The device includes four system blocks — supervisor, analog front end, post-processing, and interface — to produce a single-chip solution for flow rate measurements. The supervisor provides an integrated ultra-low-power 32-bit CPU to manage all tasks, making the device autonomous. The front end combines a high-voltage driver, an integrated programmable gain amplifier, and an offset-stabilised comparator in the receive path, and precision ToF measurement, amplitude measurement, and temperature measurement. The meter’s SPI bus makes it compatible with virtually any host microcontroller, simplifying integration.

The company also stocks the AS6031 ultrasonic flow meter, which merges precise measurement and complex flow calculation to simplify the design of next-generation ultrasonic water and heat meters. It is based on the TDC-GP30 platform and employs the same high-performance front end for driving the transducers and processing the receive signal to obtain the ToF information. An extra programmable amplifier enables handling weaker receive amplitudes.

The meters are supported by the AS6040 development tool and AS6031 development tool, respectively. Facilitating quick and easy start-up and evaluation, the kits support the functionality required for standard water and heat meters and provide user-friendly configuration.

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