New solutions page dedicated to single pair Ethernet technology

09-09-2021 | Mouser Electronics | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Mouser, together with Texas Instruments (TI) and Phoenix Contact, offer a new solutions page dedicated to single-pair Ethernet (SPE) technology.

With Industry 4.0 and IIoT, Ethernet is the undisputed network architecture on the factory floor and offers the primary means of connecting automation systems to the network. The leading technology of SPE continues Ethernet through a standardised connectivity interface. It offers high-performance transmission of data and power through a single-wire pair to field-level sensor and actuator devices. The new solutions page supplies various videos, blog posts, and an on-demand webinar, supplemented by product information on key TI and Phoenix Contact products.

TI’s DP83TD510E Ethernet IC provides remarkably low power consumption and cable reach of 2,000m for both 1Vpp and 2.4Vpp modes. The IEEE 802.3cg 10BASE-T1L-compliant transceiver eradicates the necessity for additional protocols, gateways and cables for higher-bandwidth communications, enabling designers to increase the reach of their industrial communications and automation applications with no increase in cabling costs or system weight.

Phoenix Contact SPE connectors provide an alternative to classic serial bus systems for efficient, consistent data transmission in factory and process automation. The SPE connectors meet IEC 63171-2 and -5 standards and are ideal for applications including building and industrial automation, railway industry, robotics, and lighting.

By Natasha Shek