New sensor can detect a frozen screen

07-09-2021 | Display Technology | Test & Measurement

Display Technology has announced a new sensor that can detect a frozen screen. The IF444 sensor will be available this autumn from its sister company Distec.

The sensor can be integrated with a PC, SBC system or employed in conjunction with a TFT controller such as Distecs Prisma cards. The warning, in the event of a fault, is provided via a digital and visual signal with an audible option available.

The motion sensor checks a few pixels of the active screen area for a blinking pattern. If the image signal is missing or the background lighting is defective, a warning signal is carried to the user's PC or SBC system by Distecs Prisma and Artista TFT controller or the connectivity board IF445.

The screen sensor can be utilised under Windows and Linux. It is mounted by adhering to a corner of the active display surface. In existing systems, users can attach the sensor mechanically or include the sensor option on their next TFT module purchase.

The new sensor is a cost-effective solution to ensure continuous operation.

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