New chip inductor series offers a high Q value in a miniature size

10-08-2021 | Bourns | Passives

Bourns, Inc has announced the CWF1610 and CWF2414 Chip Inductor Series. These inductors use wire-wound construction on a ferrite core to provide high values of inductance, Q values, and self-resonant frequency and low DC resistance in a compact size. They offer an operating temperature range of -40C to +125C. These features make this series an excellent choice for RF signal processing, resonant circuits, noise filters, decoupling, and DC power line applications for audio headsets, cable modems, hard disk drives, set-top boxes, tablets, and various mobile electronic devices.

Compared to multilayer or film technology, a thicker wire-wound construction around the core enables it to produce lower DC resistance and high Q values of 13 to 16 in these miniature-sized inductors. Furthermore, the high Q values give designs a high impedance at resonant in inductive-capacitive LC circuits and low loss at high-frequency operation. These chip inductors also provide a high self-resonant frequency, which transposes to low distributed capacitance and maintained inductive characteristics across a wide frequency span. With saturation current up to 860/1100mA and rated current up to 700/1300mA, the new chip inductors sustain high inductance at a better peak current matching the demands in DC power line applications.

These chip inductors are available now and are RoHS compliant and halogen free.

By Natasha Shek