Family of high-performance arrays basis for new interconnect solutions

21-07-2021 | Samtec | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Samtec Inc has released next-gen AcceleRate HP High-Performance Arrays. AcceleRate HP supports 112Gbps PAM4 extreme performance in an ultra-micro footprint.

The arrays provide an open-pin-field array that maximises grounding and routing flexibility. System architects can route high-performance differential-pairs, single-ended signals and high-current voltage rails through the same interconnect.

Furthermore, the 2.2/2.4/2.2mm row pitch eases the routing of differential signals. Crosstalk is enhanced with the increased space and the capability to add more ground around the differential signals.

“Samtec’s new AcceleRate HP High-Performance Arrays set the standard for high-speed 112Gbps PAM4 performance in a small form factor,” said Michael Boone, product manager, High-Speed Board-to-Board at Samtec, Inc. “Fast-growing applications such as AI accelerators, ASIC emulators and next-gen edge computing platforms leverage these unique benefits.”

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