SPDT tactile switch for high-reliability applications

01-06-2021 | C&K Components | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

C&K has produced an SPDT tactile switch created for elevator buttons, gaming controllers and the industrial market. The TLSM Series SPDT tact switch consolidates a space-saving design with high reliability all inside a compact design.

At just 6mm x 6.1mm x 3.45mm, the series provides a soft actuator that raises a mere 3.45mm above the PCB for precious PCB saving and customer system space-saving. Supporting three million cycles, the low-profile switches are generally used in elevator buttons, gaming controllers, industrial applications, accessories and more.

Providing higher reliability than traditional miniature tact switches, the top actuated series switch is offered with momentary action. The SMT tactile switches give full integration into reflow soldering standard processes, lessening time and costs for OEMs.

“The compact top mount endurance SMT TLSM Series increases reliability and allows for two signals which is ideal for a multitude of applications,” said Daisy Liu, global product manager at C&K. “We are proud to introduce the TLSM switch family to enable customers to reduce the size and height of their end products without compromising performance and reliability.”

By Natasha Shek