Evaluate CO₂ with sensor technology in an easy-to-use battery-powered package

21-06-2021 | RS Components | Test & Measurement

The Gas Sensing Solutions Ltd EvaluatIR-M evaluation kit gives users a convenient way to evaluate GSS CO₂ sensor technology in an easy-to-use battery-powered package. The kit is available now from RS Components. The EvaluatIR-M integrates the ExplorIR-M sensor module that utilises patented NDIR solid-state LED optical technology to achieve consistent and accurate CO₂ measurements.

The evaluation kit measures CO₂ over a 0-20% or 0-100% range and relative humidity, temperature and barometric pressure. The evaluation kit connects to a PC by a USB port and incorporates software that enables the user to download the recorded data, in a format suitable for importing into Excel or other data analysis tools. All recorded data is time-stamped, enabling users to easily analyse CO₂ sensor behaviour.

The evaluation kit includes the EvaluatIR-M Module, USB cable, evaluation software, and protective carry case. It will operate for up to 12 months on 2 x AA batteries (not included).

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