EDLCs are efficient energy storage device for energy harvesting

09-06-2021 | TTI Europe | Passives

AVX Supercapacitors or EDLCs, available from TTI Europe, have rapidly become recognised not only as an excellent life extension tool for primary batteries but also as a valuable technology for backup power, along with being the most efficient energy storage device for energy harvesting applications. The company has been pioneering EDLC designs since 1997, when it started to sell Bestcap products. SCC cylindrical and SCM module series enable customers to create their own module or be equipped with a customised and ready balanced solution.

The company is entering the automotive sector with IATF 16949 certified manufacturing plant for cylindrical supercaps, which have passed 4000-hour life tests, demonstrating superior reliability. AVX latest release - Prizmacap, answers the call for high capacitance / low profile devices.

The devices are ideal for designs with limited space for traditional cylindrical formats, including medical, defence, hi-end wearables, and hi-end handhelds.

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