Anti-pulse resistors offer an improved power rating

24-06-2021 | TTI Europe | Passives

The KOA Corporation SG73P1EW is the latest addition to the popular SG73P pulse stable series. This device is available now from TTI Europe. This version of the 0402-size part offers an improved power rating of 0.25W compared to the standard 0402 devices. This high-power rating, downsizing of standard flat chip resistors from size 1206 or 0805 to the new SG73P1EW (0402inch) is possible. Furthermore, the new device employs a special resistive paste to reach an even better T.C.R. of ±100ppm/K.

Typical applications include automotive electronics for ECU, ADAS, etc., power supplies, industrial electronics, measuring instruments, motor control units, smart meter, power conditioner/inverter, and white goods, and more.

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