Wide selection of products for the toughest engineering challenges

04-05-2021 | Mouser Electronics | Semiconductors

Mouser distributes over 23,000 Analog Devices products, including 4,000 development tools. It provides an increasing selection of the latest high-performance analog, mixed-signal, and DSP integrated circuits from the company.

Just a few of the products available include: AD4695 and AD4696 are 16-channel, 16-bit SAR ADCs with Easy Drive features that ease the drive demands of the AFE and reference circuitry. The compact, high-accuracy, low-power devices are optimal for employment in space-constrained, multichannel, precision data acquisition systems and monitoring circuits.

The AD9081 MxFE includes a 16-bit, 12-GSPS RF DAC core and a 12-bit, 4-GSPS ADC core. The device also incorporates a 16-lane, 24.75Gbps JESD204C or 15.5Gbps JESD204B data transceiver port, an on-chip clock multiplier, and digital signal processing ability aimed at single and dual-band direct-to-RF radio applications.

HMC8362 and HMC8364 low-noise, quad-band VCOs are created to provide wideband capabilities without compromising phase noise performance. The VCOs combine four independent, narrowband VCOs with overlapping frequency bands, performing at a fundamental frequency range of 11.9GHz to 18.3GHz (HMC8362) or 18.1GHz to 26.6GHz (HMC8364).

The ADAQ23875 µModule data acquisition solution incorporates multiple common signal-processing and conditioning blocks into a single device, decreasing end system component count and development cycles of precision measurement systems.