Fuses support higher current requirements of multiple applications

05-05-2021 | Mouser Electronics | Passives

Littelfuse 456DE Series High Current NANO2 Fuses, available now from Mouser, are small square surface mount fuses that support higher current demands of various applications.

These fuses are compatible with high volume assembly requirements and provide a high interrupting rating of 600A @80VDC. The fuses are offered in ratings of 40A to 60A and provide a single fuse solution for the high current application. These fuses evade nuisance opening due to the high inrush and surge current inherent in the system and improve system efficiency. The fuses operate at the -55C to 125C temperature range and provide 250VAC voltage ratings.

Typical applications comprise voltage regulator module for PC server, cooling fan system for PC server, storage system power, base-station power supply, and power tools.

By Natasha Shek