Clamp meters with non-contact voltage measurement make electrical testing safer

13-05-2021 | Fluke UK Ltd | Test & Measurement

Fluke has launched a family of clamp meters that make electrical measurements far safer for servicing and maintenance technicians. The Fluke 377 and 378 are non-contact voltage True-RMS AC/DC clamp meters that enable technicians to make rapid electrical tests with no danger of coming into contact with hazardous live parts.

The devices use FieldSense technology to sense voltage and current through the clamp jaw, with only a connection to earth required for reference. With no direct connection with live components, the risk of electric shock and arc flash is minimised.

The clamp meters measure up to 1000A True-RMS AC/DC and up to 2500A (AC) with the ‘iFlex’ current probe. Created for ease of use, only three steps are required to measure in three-phase systems, with each voltage and current shown together on the dual display.

The 378 FC incorporates a unique power quality (PQ) indicator that senses PQ issues correlating to current, voltage or power factor. This enables users to rapidly check if issues relate to the power supply or the connected electrical equipment.

Included with the clamp meters are a TPAK magnetic hanging kit, a premium carrying case, TL224 test leads, TP175 Twist Guard Test Probes, and an AC285 black grounding clip.

By Natasha Shek