Rotary potentiometer model series offers additional design options

22-04-2021 | Bourns | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Bourns Inc has three new rotary potentiometer model series that offer enhanced features and multiple new design options. The Model PRS11R Rotary Metal Shaft Potentiometer series, Model PRS12R Rotary Metal Shaft Potentiometer series and Model PRS14R Rotary Plastic Shaft Potentiometer series provide designers extra switch, shaft configuration, vertical and horizontal PC pin orientation and detent options depending on the model. The versatility offered by these options makes the new rotary potentiometers excellent solutions for an extensive assortment of user interface controls in professional audio and lighting applications, low/medium risk medical and laboratory equipment, and industrial automation controls.

All three-model series offer an IP 40 seal rating and provide a small form factor with through-hole type mounting. The Model PRS11R has a 15,000 rotational cycle rating, a -20C to +70C operating temperature range and momentary switch and flatted shaft options. The Model PRS12R series provides a 10,000 rotational cycle rating and is offered with flatted, slotted and knurled shaft as well as detent options. The Model PRS14R series also has a 15,000 rotational cycle rating, with a -10C to +70C operating temperature range and a detent option.

The rotary potentiometer series are available now and are RoHS compliant.

By Natasha Shek