Ultra-flat aluminium electrolytic capacitor ideal for portable devices

16-03-2021 | TTI Europe | Passives

The new ULP Series of Ultra-Low-Profile aluminium electrolytic capacitors from Cornell Dubilier is a real game-changer for engineers producing compact electronic devices. The devices are now available from TTI Europe. Created specifically for applications needing bulk capacitance and the lowest board profiles, type ULP provides considerably higher energy density than arrays of surface mount capacitors. ULP technology enables the circuit designer to employ a single component that saves space, weight, and cost while improving reliability.

Due to its light weight, the device is excellent for use in portable devices and is ideal for a wide range of applications where height profile, board space, and weight are critical design factors. In such situations, it is not only cost-competitive, but it also enhances circuit reliability through usage of a single component versus an entire array of SMT capacitors.

Typical applications include bulk storage in portable devices, compact power systems- mil/aero, industrial, consumer, lowest board profiles.

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