Space-saving narrow FeedThrough connector range offers up to 252 variants

24-03-2021 | Cliff Electronics | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Cliff Electronics has increased its SLIMS FeedThrough Connector series with the introduction of the new DualSLIMS range, which enables customers to select between mounting the connector adapters from the front of the panel, permitting simple and fast changing of connectors in the field, or the rear, giving a lower profile flush appearance to the connectors when rack-mounted or side by side.

The new connectors now provide panel builders and system integrators the capacity to mount up to 20 connectors in a 1U, 19” rack panel. At only 19mm wide, the SLIMS range provides a more compact alternative to its 26mm wide XLR form factor FeedThrough product range. Only 16 of the existing XLR design can be mounted in a 19” rack panel.

The new connector range has been released with 14 different versions: HDMI, USB3 A-A, USB3 B-A, USB2 B-A, USB2 A-A, USB2 A-B, USB-C F-M, Cat5e, Cat5e Shielded, Cat6, Cat6 Shielded, Cat3, Cat6A Shielded and blank plate. With a total number of 11 variants of each type, the number of possible variants is 252.

"The narrow form factor is widely used by audio, broadcast and communications manufacturers in the USA and becoming more popular in the UK and rest of Europe for maximising panel density and for products being exported to North America," comments John Hall, managing director of Cliff Electronics. "Our new DualSLIMS FeedThrough connectors will not only grow our component sales in the USA but will also be welcomed by other system builders selling their products to that market."

By Natasha Shek