ESD suppressors protect sensitive electronic equipment in extreme conditions

04-03-2021 | TTI Europe | Passives

XTREME-GUARD ESD Suppressors, available now from TTI Europe, protect sensitive electronic equipment against extreme ESD conditions. They offer very small 0402 and 0603 footprints. This product series is specifically intended to suppress fast-rising ESD transients up to 30kV while adding practically no capacitance to the circuit, which assists in preserving signal integrity and minimising data loss.

The device is RoHS compliant, halogen-free and Pb free ESD Suppressor. It offers a fast response time and can withstand multiple ESD strikes. It is also compatible with pick-and-place processes. It provides high rated voltage up to 32V maximum and high operating temperature at 125C.

Typical application fields include infotainment, high-speed interface, high frequency (i.e. RF, antenna system, Ethernet, USB, DVI, LVDS), satellite navigation, GPS tracker, car TV, telematics box, in-vehicle navigation, and portable navigation.

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