Bayonet locking connectors beat demanding environments

23-03-2021 | Lane Electronics | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Lane Electronics now offers the Weald Electronics LMH series of bayonet locking circular connector systems created to satisfy the requirements of MIL-DTL-26482 Series 1. Their cost-effective combination of price, size, weight, contact size, robustness and reliable quick-connect makes LMH connectors popular for a wide range of applications across many different industry sectors. These include test and measurement, defence equipment, industrial automation, high-performance communications systems and instrumentation.

The connectors are offered for signal and power applications with a maximum current rating up to 45A and a peak working voltage of 1500VDC or AC. One version is intended specifically for those applications that require EMI suppression.

A less well-known feature is that these connectors are manufactured with bonded insulators and contacts that are 100% pressure-tested through assembly and can offer a reliable environmental seal even when unmated.

The LMH connectors for power applications are available in four shell sizes and various styles, housing two to five contacts in six contact arrangements. To satisfy EMC and EMP demands, free shells can be fitted with grounding fingers. Fixed and free shells can be fitted with accessories for screened cable termination.

The LMH series LMHF version is created for use where EMI suppression is needed. Produced for easy assembly, the connector removes the need for extra components, coming with its own internal filtering in fixed square flange or single hole mounting shell styles. This assists in reducing the space envelope required for filtering, which can often become a challenge when upgrading existing equipment. The use of a single connector component can assist in simplifying and reducing assembly times and weight.

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