Aluminium electrolytic for systems requiring high life expectancy

10-03-2021 | TTI Europe | Passives

With over 5000 hours of DC life at rated voltage, 125C, type MLSG is Cornell Dubilier's longest life steel-cased flatpack capacitor. The device is available now from TTI Europe.

For systems demanding the highest life expectancy, this device is an excellent choice. Improve the reliability of a system even further by specifying type HRMLSG for a MIL-level burn-in. This series is also offered in a high vibration package up to 50g by specifying type HVMLSG.

The device withstands more than 80,000' altitude and temperature Range covering –55C to +125C. The rated Voltage Range is from 5VDC to 250VDC and capacitance Range of 220µF to 47,000µF.

The device is suitable for defence/aerospace, two-way mobile radios, radar systems, aircraft power supplies, and cockpit communication applications.

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