SMD MLCCs offer Pb-bearing termination finishes

02-02-2021 | Vishay | Passives

Vishay Intertechnology now offers a new series of surface-mount MLCCs with a Pb-bearing termination finish ideal for low Earth orbit satellites and other space, defence, and avionics applications necessitating tin whisker mitigation. Operating temperatures can be up to +150C.

The Vishay Vitramon VJ....32 Lead-Bearing Finish series provides a termination finish with a minimum Pb content of 4%. Previously, the option for Pb-bearing termination finishes was kept for more costly Hi-Rel devices. These MLCCs offer designers a cost-effective alternative for aerospace systems in which tin whiskers need to be avoided but space-level reliability is not required.

Manufactured in NME technology with a wet build process, the series is offered with C0G (NP0) and X7R dielectrics in five body sizes from 0402 to 1210. Devices with a C0G (NP0) dielectric feature low capacitance down to 1pF, a TCC of 0 ppm/C ± 30 ppm/C from -55C to +125C, and an ageing rate of 0% maximum per decade. X7R devices provide higher capacitance to 1µF, TCC of ±15% from -55C to +125C, and an ageing rate of 1% maximum per decade.

The MLCCs are qualified according to AEC Q200 to give designers automotive grade reliability.

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