Proximity sensors offer ambient light and colour sensing and more

11-02-2021 | Mouser Electronics | Test & Measurement

Available now from Mouser, the ams TMD3719 Proximity Sensors feature ambient light and colour (RGB) sensing, flicker detection, and proximity detection. The ambient light and colour sensing function offer six concurrent ambient light sensing channels such as red, green, blue, clear, leakage, and wideband. These proximity sensors combine three IR VCSELs and an advanced VCSEL driver.

The sensors integrate direct detection of ambient light flicker for four selectable frequency bins. They include multiple VCSEL emitters to lower the optical power density and proximity function synchronised with a display. The sensors operate at -30C to 85C temperature range and 1.7V to 1.98V supply voltage range. They offer a 10mA maximum VCSEL current and 2.9V to 3.6V emitter supply voltage range.

Typical applications include brightness management for displays, colour management for displays, camera image processing, flicker-immune camera operation, and touch screen disable.

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