Precision thin film chip resistor array series enhanced with higher resistance ratios

24-02-2021 | New Yorker Electronics | Passives

New Yorker Electronics offers the new automotive grade ACAS AT Precision Thin Film Chip Resistor Arrays from Vishay Beyschlag. This new series has high resistance rations and operating voltages for improved design flexibility in voltage divider and signal amplification applications.

It gives a five-fold amplification factor increase compared to previous-generation devices. Providing two and four integrated resistors on one substrate, respectively, the ACAS 0606 AT and ACAS 0612 AT is less expensive than employing multiple high-precision discrete resistors, while their stable divider ratio increases application stability.

The devices connect the proven dependability of discrete chip resistors with the benefits of chip resistor arrays. Defined relative tolerance (matching) and relative TCR (tracking) make this product ideal for applications with exceptional demands towards stable fixed resistor ratios. The device is available with equal or different resistor values.

The series has been created for increased accuracy. Examples of this incorporate its absolute tolerance of ±0.1% and relative tolerance of ±0.05%, its absolute TCR down to ±10ppm/K and Relative TCR down to ±5ppm/K. With its excellent moisture resistivity of l∆R/Rl <0.5% at +85C and 85% relative humidity for 1000 hours, it is remarkably robust against harsh environmental conditions. It is utilised for precision analog circuits, voltage dividers, operational amplifier (opamp), signal conditioning, and feedback circuit applications for automotive electronics, such as engine control units, gearbox controls, power supply electronics, safety, body electronics, climate control, braking systems, steering technology and lighting. It is also employed in industrial electronics, including sensors, battery measurement systems, scales and precision amplifiers and audio equipment and instrumentation.

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