New Wireless M-Bus gateway for reporting data from M-Bus meters and sensors

26-02-2021 | Webdyn | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Webdyn offers a new gateway, based on Wireless M-Bus technology, to autonomously collect data from Wireless M-Bus meters or sensors.

The W M-Bus point-to-point radio protocol utilising 868Mhz is traditionally applied in Smart Metering and Smart Buildings, especially for its relatively moderate consumption. It is a standardised protocol, which is essential for choosing a solution, as it ensures compatibility among all the manufacturers.

This technology is energy-efficient; the hub battery service life can exceed ten years. The company has also developed the WebdynEasy application (free to download from the PlayStore), and due to the BLE function, configuration and installation are simple to achieve.

Once installed, the product is autonomous in energy and the deployment can start automatically or utilising a magnet. Depending on the configuration, the hub employs regular listening windows to record the frames emitted by the meters and sensors. The hub regularly uploads data files to the FTP server employing the cell phone or LTE-M network.

With this new product, the company confirms its strategy to provide a comprehensive range of dataloggers covering all smart grid, smart metering, smart building and smart cities markets.

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