ToF sensor module for distance and motion measurement

05-01-2021 | RS Components | Test & Measurement

The Broadcom AFBR-S50MV85I, available now from RS Components, is a multi-pixel optical distance and motion measurement sensor module based on the optical ToF principle. The technology has been created with a particular focus on applications with the demand for highest speed and accuracy at medium distance ranges, with very low power consumption and in a small size.

With its ambient light suppression, usage in outside environments is achievable in sunlight. The sensor accurately calculates against white, black, and coloured surfaces and metallic, as well as retroreflective surfaces.

The module includes an integrated infrared laser light source and an internal clock source. A single power supply of 5V is needed. Data is transferred utilising a digital SPI employing standard 3.3V CMOS levels. For system health monitoring, a reference pixel is utilised in addition to the integrated voltage and temperature sensors.

Frame rates of up to 3kHz are supported, depending on the microcontroller, the data streaming mode, and the number of evaluated pixels. For frame rates of up to 100Hz, a dual-frequency (2f) mode is employed to reach an unambiguous range of up to 100m.

Typical applications include distance measurement, HMI. robotics, automation and control, security surveillance, inventory monitoring, and augmented reality.

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