Industrial pressure and temperature wireless sensors are reliable and durable

08-01-2021 | TTI Europe | Test & Measurement

Sensata's Cynergy3 ranges of pressure and temperature sensors, available now from TTI Europe, include wireless devices for transmitting the sensor’s output with no necessity for expensive or arduous cable runs.

Wireless sensors take the accuracy, reliability and durability of the company's Cynergy3 range of wired sensors and add the convenience of wireless connectivity. The benefits of going wireless are many and include no expensive wiring to remote locations, sensors are straightforward to install and relocate, and they can be employed in the majority of environments, including outdoors. The company's wireless sensors are widely employed in water treatment plants to assess tank level and flow; to monitor the condition of railway embankments to evaluate maintenance needs; as temperature sensors at solar energy farms; and to monitor the state of production motors at a major UK car manufacturer.

The typical areas of use include industrial manufacturing plants, alternative energy, food and beverage, utility and smart grid, oil and gas, defence and aerospace, test & measurement, railway embarkments, and water treatment plants.

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