Smart DACs that consume very low power

15-12-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Semiconductors

Texas Instruments DACx3401-Q1 Smart DACs are a pin-compatible family of automotive, buffered, voltage-output, smart DACs. These devices are available now from Mouser. They consume extremely low power and are offered in a small eight-pin WSON package. The DAC53401-Q1 is a 10-bit device, while the DAC43401-Q1 is an 8-bit device. The feature set, integrated with the tiny package and low power, make the devices an exceptional choice for applications such as power supply control, LED and general-purpose bias point generation, and PWM signal generation.

The devices have NVM, an internal reference, and a PMBus-compatible I2C interface. The DAC operates with either an internal reference or the power supply as a reference. It also offers a full-scale output of 1.8V to 5.5V. The devices communicate through the I2C interface. The devices support I2C standard mode, fast mode, and fast mode plus. The products are smart DAC devices because of their advanced integrated features. The force-sense output, PWM output, and NVM capabilities of these devices allow system performance and control without the use of software.

Typical applications include automotive USB charge, headlight, and rear light.

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