AEC-Q200 compliant line filters in a compact size and with high impedance

03-12-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Passives

Bourns DR334A AEC-Q200 Compliant Line Filters, available now from Mouser, are created with a ferrite toroid core. The core provides a compact size and high impedance over a wide frequency range to suppress EMI coming into or leaving from the system.

The filters offer an inductance range of 11µH to 4700µH with an impedance range of 300Ohm to 600Ohm @ 0.5MHz to 300MHz and a current range of 0.2A to 0.5A. These line filters are provided in a bifilar-wound configuration to reach higher common mode impedance and a sector-wound configuration to achieve higher differential mode impedance at high frequencies.

These filters are excellent for usage in signal, data, and low current power line noise suppression applications in consumer, industrial, and other markets.

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