New sensors enhance welding productivity with improved features

06-11-2020 | RS Components | Test & Measurement

RS Components has added the OMRON E2EW series welding proximity sensors to its portfolio. Providing improved sensing technology and robust construction, the series can greatly reduce downtime and enhance productivity in automotive welding applications by decreasing the risk of sudden stoppages due to materials misidentification or sensor failure.

A key feature of the series is its capacity to identify iron and aluminium accurately at the same distance. This is especially useful in modern automotive applications, where the trend towards lighter vehicles for improved fuel consumption and the increase in demand for EVs is driving a change in component materials specification from heavier iron to lighter aluminium. Subsequently, production lines are increasingly employing a mix of the two.

A full metal body equips the series for usage in the harshest environments, significantly decreasing the likelihood of downtime due to sensor replacement and maintenance. Also, the sensors provide unique technologies to stop coating abrasion: attaining spatter resistance for up to 60 times longer than earlier models. This not only decreases the deterioration of coating performance after maintenance for spatter clean-ups but also boosts the replacement frequency of sensors, saving cost and improving the bottom line.

The series is also equipped with I/O Link, which indicates it can be connected into more comprehensive production line networks. This allows useful data regarding sensor performance to be shared and monitored, making it simpler to predict and schedule essential maintenance.

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