New global distribution deal for innovative high-performance ICs and more

04-11-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Semiconductors

The Magellan Family of motion control ICs provide advanced motion control for medical, scientific, industrial, automation, and robotic applications. These ICs are provided in three series: The MC58000 Series positioning motion control ICs for BLDC, DC brush and step motors and MC55000 Series pulse and direction output ICs for step motors are both available in 1- through four-axis packages. The MC58113 Series positioning motion control ICs offer integrated current control for BLDC, DC brush and step motors in a single-axis package.

The Juno Family is a family of compact velocity and torque control ICs with full four-quadrant motion control, profile generation, direct input quadrature encoder, and advanced current control. The ICs offer advanced velocity and torque control for BLDC, DC brush, and step motors in medical, scientific, industrial, and robotic applications that need to minimise motor noise, vibration and power consumption. These ICs are easy to deploy with embedded motion commands, on-board intelligence, and direct analog and digital amplifier signal interfacing.

ION digital drives are compact, fully enclosed modules providing high-performance motion control, network connectivity and power amplification. The ION digital drives are constructed on the Magellan motion control IC, delivering a powerful instruction set to control the motion application, monitor performance, and synchronise overall drive behaviour. Excellent for medical, scientific, robotic, semiconductor, industrial and other automation applications, the ION drives are available in 500W and 3000W options.

ATLAS digital amplifiers are compact single-axis amplifiers that deliver high-performance torque control for DC brush, BLDC and step motors. ATLAS digital amplifiers use the company's proprietary digital current control and switching technology for outstanding efficiency and quiet motor operation in a compact, solderable module. The family works seamlessly with Magellan motion control ICs and can also be employed with dedicated FPGAs, digital signal processors, or general-purpose microprocessors.

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