MCUs provide enhanced security for IoT and industrial applications

18-11-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Semiconductors

Mouser now stocks the new RA6M4 32-bit microcontrollers from Renesas Electronics. Combining outstanding connectivity, security, and performance, the microcontrollers speed the development of edge and endpoint IoT devices, as well as for applications including metering, HVAC, enhanced premises security, and industrial equipment.

The microcontrollers are constructed on a highly efficient 40nm process and deliver exceptional power efficiency with 99μA/MHz in active mode. The microcontrollers provide a 200MHz Arm Cortex-M33 core based on the Armv8-M architecture with Arm TrustZone technology and come with 1MB of code flash memory, 256kB of SRAM, and a capacitive touch sensing unit.

The devices are developed to provide exceptional security capabilities, comprising an integrated security cryptography module with several accelerators, power analysis resistance, and tamper detection. The microcontrollers are supported by the company’s Flexible Software Package, which allows rapid implementation of complex security and connectivity functions by enabling customers to reuse legacy code and combine it with software from other Arm partners. The package also provides tools to improve efficiency, accelerating the development process for projects targeting the RA6M4 microcontrollers.

Also stocked is the RA6M4 evaluation kit, which provides native pin access through four 40-pin male headers, as well as access to Ethernet connectivity, 64MB of external Octo-SPI flash, and 32MB of external Quad-SPI flash.

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