Low power 3D Hall sensor enables compact system designs

13-11-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Test & Measurement

Mouser now offers the Infineon Technologies TLI493D-W2BW Low Power 3D Hall Sensor featuring an I2C interface, allowing it to be easily configured by an MCU. The measurement data is delivered in digital format to the MCU. The sensor also offers the functionality to Wake-Up a sleeping system.

The device measures the magnetic field in X, Y, and Z directions. Each X, Y and Z-Hall probe is linked sequentially to a multiplexer that is also connected to an ADC. The device also combines an optional temperature sensor.

For each of the three magnetic channels (X/Y/Z), the Wake-Up function offers an upper and lower comparison threshold. Each component of the applied field is compared to the lower and upper threshold. If one of the results are above or below these thresholds, an interrupt pulse /INT is produced. This is called a Wake-Up function. The sensor signals a specific field strength change to the MCU. As long as all components of the field stay inside the envelope, no interrupt signal will be given.

The sensor is provided in a tiny 1.13mm x 0.93mm x 0.59mm SG-WFWLB-5-2 package, allowing compact system designs.

Typical applications include robotic position sensing, mobile camera lens position sensing, angle measurement, multifunction knobs, joysticks and gimbals, and white goods.

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