Intelligent thermal imaging access control system for businesses, schools and hospitals

27-11-2020 | RS Components | Test & Measurement

RS Components has extended its RS PRO range adding a thermal imaging access control system. Combining traditional infrared temperature measurement with sophisticated AI facial recognition, the system provides a highly effective and versatile entry system for business and educational premises aiming to protect their perimeters for safety and/or security reasons. The device is highly versatile and offers multi-functional AI recognition for monitoring temperature, tracking attendance and fulfilling access control.

Incorporating a thermal imaging camera fitted with platform software, this access control system is an excellent non-contact, hands-free facial recognition system which also detects whether or not the person wanting entry is wearing a face mask, as well as delivering a high precision and efficient solution for temperature measurement. It can be employed for attendance and access control for a broad spectrum of environments. Typical applications comprise offices, factories and manufacturing sites; schools, colleges and universities; research laboratories, hospitals and other healthcare environments; shops and supermarkets.

The system is provided with a 7" colour screen with a 1080P resolution @ 25fps that supports face detection tracking and optimisation. The device's wide dynamic, binocular HD camera can perform facial recognition images in complex light environments inside 0.2 seconds. The intelligent AI technology supports fast recognition of people even if when they are wearing glasses, face masks or items, providing exceptionally high accuracy. The infrared thermal imaging is equally precise and measures temperature to an accuracy of up to ±0.2C.

Sufficiently robust for external mounting, the unit housing is constructed from ultra-durable PC and ABS, rated to IP54, and has been drop tested at 2m.

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