Expanded illuminated pushbutton series for harsh environments

25-11-2020 | Rafi | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

RAFI has enhanced its RAFIX 30 FS+ illuminated pushbutton series with the launch of a stainless-steel version. The sleek, modern design is offered with optional ring lighting for indication. Typically used in automotive, automation, industrial and off-road vehicle applications, the illuminated pushbutton provides clear and distinct tactile feedback, even through gloves.

Offering a button surface with a metal V2A insert, the particularly flat structure means the button stands only 3.45mm proud of the front panel for a sleek appearance. The pushbuttons feature IP65 degree of protection to the front side and, like all series control and signalling units, they fit standard 30.3mm installation openings.

The pushbuttons are offered with white, red, green, yellow, or blue lighting rings. The illumination is delivered by an LED.

For terminal connection, the pushbuttons can be integrated with PCB switching elements for PCB application or Quick Connect switching elements for conventional wiring. The PCB version offers a mounting depth of only 15.7mm, and the switching elements with LEDs and other components are found on a common board. The Quick Connect switching elements are connected separately with 2.8mm x 0.8mm quick connectors, producing a mounting depth of 33.3 mm. Illumination is through a plug-in LED clip. Both types of switching elements are offered in versions with gold contacts for a maximum 35V and 100mA or with silver contacts for up to 250V and 4A.

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