Time-of-flight image sensors ideal for use in automotive and non-automotive

22-10-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Test & Measurement

Melexis MLX75026 QVGA Time-of-Flight Image Sensors, available now from Mouser, features DepthSense pixel, integrated microlenses, and backside illumination (BSI technology). These sensors are combined with a modulated light source capable of measuring object distance under severe background light conditions.

The sensors incorporate per-phase statistics, diagnostics, continuous or triggered operation modes, and configurable over I2C. The sensors operate at -40C to 105C temperature range and -0.3V to 3.3V voltage range. They are offered in a cost-optimised encapsulated package and provide an assortment of integration possibilities.

These sensors are ideal for employment in an automotive and non-automotive application that includes gesture recognition, skeleton tracking, driver monitoring, obstacle or people detection, and traffic monitoring.

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