Range of devices protect against lightning and EMP

01-10-2020 | Lane Electronics | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Lane Electronics has released a range of devices from HUBER+SUHNER that comprises a comprehensive selection of lightning and surge protectors providing all major protection technologies, frequency bands, installation options and interfaces.

The devices include GDT and quarter-wave stub type solutions for RF, microwave, data line and DC/AC applications via coaxial cable available with bulkhead, stud and clamp mounting options and offered with a selection of connector types including SMA, BNC, N and 7/16.

All these devices are maintenance-free and developed to deliver the highest surge current handling capability and very low residual pulse amplitude as well as an RF performance that is better than other designs, including passive intermodulation.

Typical of the devices available is the 3402 Series gas discharge tube which provides an operating frequency up to 3GHz for platform 3000 and a high surge current handling ability of up to 30kA, 8/20┬Ás with a very low residual pulse. Operating temperature range is -40C to +85C.

In broadband wireless systems, the company provides an assortment of coaxial GDT protectors including line protectors and broadband quarter-wave shorting stub protectors intended for the protection of traditional RF and microwave broadband wireless applications from DC to 6GHz.

For equipment with twisted pair connections, such as switches, multiplexers hubs and modems, the company has recently introduced CAT5 and Gigabit CAT6 data line protectors. Developed to protect sensitive high-speed data against damaging transients such as lightning or man-made surges, the units are offered with industrial standard RJ45 interfaces as well as the D38999 connector interface.

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