New tracking and monitoring kit supports rapid development of IoT applications

27-10-2020 | TT Electronics | Test & Measurement

TT Electronics has launched its S-2CONNECT Pro Tracking and Monitoring Kit for rapid IoT development. The kit may be deployed to connect, sense, track, and monitor applications, including asset tracking, smart home, cold chain, and broader industrial IoT scenarios.

The kit features 'out-of-the-box' hardware from the family, including the S-2CONNECT Hub and S-2CONNECT Sense device, which include temperature, light, humidity, and acceleration sensors. Also included is an embedded SIM with three months of cellular connectivity, a data package of 25MB per month, and a power supply with interchangeable blades for global use.

The kit is supplied with access to cloud-based services provided by the company, including database, MQTT broker, microservices, and firmware hosting. Access to the user interface for managing provisioning, device configuration, and monitoring is provided exclusively by the S-2CONNECT Portal for the period of the subscription.

Kjell Karlsson, managing director for Connectivity at TT Electronics, commented: “While there are many starter kits on the market, our new S-2CONNECT Pro Tracking and Monitoring Kit provides a user-friendly, out-of-the-box approach that empowers developers, systems integrators, and OEMs to innovate and swiftly deploy industrial IoT solutions with embedded cellular connectivity. Our S-2CONNECT products are designed to deliver proof-of-concept solutions that can be quickly validated and scaled to meet demand, taking your product from concept to production seamlessly.”

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