Anti-vandal pushbutton features short-body for space-savings

01-10-2020 | C&K Components | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

C&K has released an IP67-rated anti-vandal pushbutton switch offering a short-body. Created for spaced-constrained applications, the ATPS19 Series pushbutton switch provides a nearly 40% reduction on the body length in comparison to the standard ATP19 version.

Rated to more than 200K electrical life cycles, the series is typically used in alarm, safety and security systems, industrial instruments, kiosks, vending machines, intercom push-to-talk devices, and other self-serve devices.

Offered with LED illumination in assorted colours to satisfy design needs, the pushbutton provides customisation through the preference of an actuator with a ring or power logo.

"Space-saving components continue to be in high demand for OEMs looking to decrease the size of their end-products or fit more electronics within the same housing. The short-body ATPS19 Series offers space-savings with similar performance and durability as standard pushbutton switches," said Edward Mork, C&K's Global Product Manager.

The series is rated at 2A/36VDC with an operating temperature of -20C to +70C.

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