Heavy duty pressure sensors offer a high degree of robustness

03-09-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Test & Measurement

Amphenol i2s IPS and IPT Heavy Duty Pressure Sensors, available now from Mouser, offer precise and stable measurements in harsh conditions and where there are high levels of vibration.

The sensors are constructed of stainless steel and are intended for absolute and relative pressures of up to 600 bar. The components provide a high degree of robustness and media compatibility.

The devices provide approval according to the respective Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) regulations possible. The sensors provide reliable and stable measurements over the entire life cycle. The device offers simple and flexible integration into new and existing systems.

The sensors are ideal for use in oil, petrol, diesel, hydrogen fuel (H2), compressed natural gas (CNG), and liquid petroleum gas (LPG) applications.

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