H-bridge motor driver ICs offer a low-cost solution

14-09-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Semiconductors

Apex Microtechnology SA160 10A H-Bridge Motor Driver ICs, available now from Mouser, are low-cost solutions for driving brush-type motors and reactive loads. The device runs on single supplies up to 80V while delivering up to 10A continuous output current with the standard model SA160DP.

The device can run up to 14A continuous with the A Grade SA160DPA. The SA160DP/SA160DPA are created with very low RDS(ON), a typical 140mOhm over the full -40C to +85C operating temperature range, resulting in almost 50% less heat dissipation. Switching frequency for the SA160DP/SA160DPA can be internally generated and is programmable up to 125kHz employing an external integrator capacitor. Both devices can also be controlled by external switching signals up to 250kHz.

Typical applications include brush type motor control, class D switchmode amplifier, reactive loads, magnetic coils (MRI), active magnetic bearing, and vibration cancelling.

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