Strengthened sensor line includes multiple pressure sensors

10-08-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Test & Measurement

Mouser has signed a global distribution agreement with Amphenol i2s. The company's product line includes the CCT, IPS, IPT and VSP pressure sensors.

The Climate Control Pressure Transmitter (CCT) is specifically designed for measuring the pressure of vehicle HVAC coolants. The hermetically sealed, robust aluminium case and high-quality stainless steel measurement element make the sensor an affordable solution for vehicle HVAC systems and different pressure ranges. The sensor is modified to satisfy the requirements of the automobile industry and fulfils current EMC and ESD regulations.

The IPS and IPT pressure sensors are intended for applications that need a high degree of robustness and media compatibility. The sensors give precise and stable measurements over their whole lives, even when applied in harsh conditions, when handled roughly and when exposed to high levels of vibration. The stainless steel pressure sensor elements can measure absolute and relative pressures up to 600 bar in oil, gasoline/petrol, diesel, hydrogen fuel, compressed natural gas, and liquid petroleum gas applications.

The VSP sensor provides a robust and submersible design and satisfies automotive ESD and EMC standards, making it excellent for any oil pressure application in automobiles and commercial vehicles. The sensor can measure absolute or relative pressure in a nominal pressure range of up to 600 bar at temperatures of up to 150C, even in harsh conditions.

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